Customizations and Data Services

CRM Data Conversion and Data Quality Services

 Too few organizations understand the level of importance associated with a strong CRM data conversion and the value of having a clean set of data to load into their Dynamics CRM system.  The data consulting group at c360 has more than a dozen years of data analysis, conversion, mapping, scrubbing and data-deduplication experience.  Working with a platform of sophisticated data tools, the c360 team can make sure that your data is ready to support the investment in your Dynamics CRM system.

CRM Application Customizations

Studies demonstrate and document the value of having a CRM solution that is tailored or customized to support your organization, not just from an industry standpoint, but focusing the attention on crafting a custom system to match the requirements of your business.  From the c360 standpoint, this effort expands well beyond changing fields and pick-lists, it involves a productized solution that identifies the needs of your users and crafts a customized system that works the way your business works.

CRM Custom Development

The c360 organization maintains an expert team of dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers.  This group has worked on hundreds of projects throughout the world and in virtually every major industry sector.  The work by the c360 development team has been recognized by Microsoft with four Partner of the Year Awards as well as ISV Software Developer of the Year, most recently in 2016 as Microsoft Industry Partner of the Year.  In 2005, c360 pioneered the concept of building tools to fill the gaps in the standard Dynamics CRM system.  As Microsoft has enhanced the Dynamics platform, c360 has continued to build more sophisticated solutions and advanced tools to satisfy the increased requirements of Dynamics users across the globe.  This same team is available to assist c360 partners and Dynamics end-user customers with custom applications or modules built on top of Dynamics CRM.  With the tools that Microsoft makes available and with the skills of the c360 development resources, there are good reasons for your organization to investigate what we can do together to “make your CRM system better.”

Sync360 Data and Application Integration

A major misconception in the CRM marketplace involves the notion that all of your organizational data needs to originate, reside or end-up in the Dynamics CRM system.  c360 has a very creative approach that involves harvesting data from existing third-party systems and integrating that data into the CRM database, as well as using the valuable data from the Dynamics CRM system to enhance the data in your other systems.  c360 has developed a revolutionary, cost effective tool, Sync360, which is a proprietary integration engine and data synchronization tool that integrates your CRM system with your existing technology and database environments.  This approach significantly reduces integration costs, increases the accuracy of the data, and ultimately increases the amount of data available for business intelligence.