CRM Professional Services

Working with Microsoft for over twelve years, engaging with more than 500 Dynamics Partners, and supporting over 2,200 end-user clients that represent more than 500,000 user CALs has driven c360 to develop a powerful services organization.

The depth and scope of c360 service offerings has evolved as Dynamics CRM has evolved from v3.0 to CRM 2016 on-premise and on-line and Dynamics 365.  With one of the industry’s more experienced and capable professional services teams, c360 offers a wide range of services to assist our Partners and Dynamics end-user organizations in virtually every aspect of a CRM implementation.

Let us understand your needs, your challenges and your goals – we can help “make your CRM better.”

CRM Business Consulting

How can a CRM solution benefit my organization and how do I do it? How can a CRM system compliment my existing business operations, rather than forcing us to change what we do? The technology component of a CRM implementation is important, however, if the system fits your organization’s business workflow, operational processes, and is tailored to your business, the viability of success is much greater.

This is the focus of the c360 consulting team.  Our group has implemented more than 30,000 seats of Microsoft software that has been carefully configured to fit the unique requirements of many different businesses in all parts of the globe.

Let us help you with the design and strategy to “make Dynamics CRM fit better in your business.”

CRM Technical Consulting

Having the right technical configuration and infrastructure is critical for today’s CRM implementations. c360 can help your organization with understanding the requirements, analyzing your existing technology investments, and crafting a strategy to build the correct infrastructure, while maximizing your existing investment.

c360’s team can help with servers, operating systems, applications software, MS SQL, desktops, Exchange, Outlook, mobility, integration, remote access and security.

CRM Implementation and Configuration Services

The c360 team has implemented more than 30,000 seats of Dynamics CRM, and collaborated with more than 500 partners on the implementation of over 2,000 Dynamics installations.

With a full range of capabilities, the c360 consultants and engineers handle software installations, environmental stabilization, application configurations, CRM customizations, workflow, integration with existing third-party applications and on-site support during the migration process.

CRM Platform Conversions

With more than 60,000 Dynamics CRM clients, Microsoft has created the preferred platform for organizations that are migrating from the previous generation of proprietary CRM systems, such as: Onyx, Goldmine, ACTIII, SalesLogix, Pivotal, and in more and more cases – from

The c360 team understands the migration and conversion process and our team is best suited to prototype your new environment, configure the Dynamics application to support the legacy fields, convert the data, and import the data into the pre-configured Dynamics environment.

Microsoft Dynamics Version Upgrades

As more and more firms migrate from CRM 2011 and 2016 on-premise and online environments to the new Dynamics 365 platform, the c360 consulting team is well suited to assist with all aspects of your Dynamics CRM migration.