Record Editor 360

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Record Editor is now available for CRM 2011 through CRM 2015 On-Line and On-Premise! c360 Record Editor is an inline editor that enables inline editing of records in a grid or sub-grid, and bulk updates of multiple fields in a user view or system view.

Stop exporting to Excel to update records in a view! The revolutionary Record Editor performs the following functions with ease:

  • Works with any system or personal view
  • Includes editing of custom entities
  • Works with sub-grids, including Product grids on Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice
  • Select all records or specific records to edit
  • Bulk update selected fields within all or selected records
  • Change data directly in search results view
  • Quickly add new records within the grid
  • Grid enforces CRM’s security settings
  • No waiting for individual forms to load and save
  • Launch Record Editor from any CRM grid, sub-grid or personal view result, and perform advanced search and filtering within Record Editor

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