Microsoft Partnership

Partnering with c360 is a partnership with Microsoft

We are one of the oldest dedicated providers of Microsoft CRM solutions, with capability across the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product set.  We have experience that dates back to early versions of Microsoft CRM, and over a decade-long track record working exclusively with Microsoft technologies.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management partner, and as a past winner of five Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, including most recently as the 2016 Microsoft Industry Partner of the Year Award winner, we are very proud of our reputation in the Microsoft community.

We have over 25 years of experience working across different vertical segments, with a deep understanding of various industry specializations.

We employ some of the best and most experienced Microsoft experts around. We work closely with Microsoft – both locally and globally – on the latest technologies, often well before these are unveiled to the broader end-user marketplace.

Most importantly, we have delivered hundreds of successful Microsoft-based projects for national and international organizations of all sizes and types.

What’s in it for you?

By working with c360, you work with a team of experts who are internationally recognized for their knowledge and experience in designing, creating, implementing and supporting Microsoft-based solutions. Our experience reduces the risk to you, and helps increase the return on your investment.

We work exclusively with Microsoft technologies!

Our relationship with Microsoft is more than just a nice-to-have credential; it’s a relationship built on many years of trust and cooperation with relationships at all levels.

Our decision to build and deliver solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies is a deliberate strategy to lower risk, maximize business benefits and put you in touch with the latest technologies through one of the most knowledgable partner teams of Microsoft specialists.

Working exclusively with Microsoft’s tools and technologies ensures a depth and breadth of capability and understanding not possible in a mixed technology environment.

Global expertise, available locally

To make sure we’re bringing you the most up-to-date knowledge in Microsoft thinking, we participate at Microsoft events and training around the world. Our team is based around the globe with resources in the United States, St. Petersburg, Russia, Bangalore, India and the United Kingdom.

Whether it’s presenting on the local or international stage, c360 personnel are always working on the latest developments, hearing Microsoft executives present their current visions, and staying close to other experts in the Dynamics CRM field.

By working closely with Microsoft personnel on a daily basis, we stay connected, and by staying connected, we keep you connected.

Our commitment to early adoption

Our team is constantly testing and evaluating the latest Microsoft technologies before they become more widely available. Chances are we’ve seen a new release – or even contributed to it – before it’s available for general consumption. Do you want to know what’s on the horizon, or what is in store with an upcoming release? Just ask us.

What qualifies us?

We have achieved various Microsoft competencies, including the Microsoft Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management certification, which represent the highest level of experience with Microsoft CRM technologies. We have many Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff who are exceptional technical leaders, and who share their high quality, real-world expertise in online and offline technical communities around the world. In addition, our staff undertakes Microsoft exams, certifications and related professional development so that our tool sets are always current and always ahead of the curve

An excellent team has helped us win a long list of Microsoft awards, certifications and recognitions, including Inner Circle, Presidents Club, and multiple Partner of the Year awards.