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  • banner-people

    2013 Relationship Charts

    Delivers a visual
    representation of all
    CRM entities, their relationships,
    connections and social footprints in a
    visually appealing Org Chart format.

  • banner-five-points

    Record Editor

    Record Editor 2013 is an easy to
    use inline grid editor that allows
    bulk updates of selected fields
    from an Advanced Find view.

  • banner3

    About c360

    The world’s largest supplier
    of Microsoft Dynamics Add-in
    tools and utilities with more
    than 500,000 users globally.

    Learn more about
    our company here.

  • banner-wheeel

    2013 Tools and Utilities

    Record Editor
    Documents Core Pack
    Group Calendar
    Marketing Automation
    Telephone Integration
    And more…